The use of Dar Yacht Club facilities is governed by Constitution and is limited to “membership only”. A person wishing to join the Club can only do so at the invite of existing Full Members. Prospective members must be proposed and seconded for membership by existing Full Members that are in good standing and have been members for longer than six months. The Proposer and Seconder become both guarantor and mentor for one year.
Acceptance into the club is not automatic. Membership is conditional to a “no objection ballot” by all existing members, the completion of an Activity Card demonstrating active involvement in Club activities and events, and subject to available vacant places.

On application for Full Membership, the payment of a deposit, subscription and all joining fees, applicants may use the Club facilities as Joining Members until balloted and approved as Full Members. Joining Members have no voting rights and cannot sign in guests nor nominate new members.

Balloting takes place quaterly, and once balloted successfully, Joining Members are invited to attend a mandatory New Member Introduction Meeting with their Proposer and / or Seconder, where they will be elected as Full Members.  At this meeting, new members receive an introduction to the Rules and By-Laws of the Club, and meet the Committee members.

DYC looks forward to welcoming new applicants aboard as members, and their active participation in its activities and events.

Former members wishing to re-join, or Full Members wishing to change their membership status or apply for life membership, should do so by writing to the Honorary Secretary with their request, which will be presented to the Committee for approval.
Children of Full Members must join as cadet members when turning 13 years of age, then as junior members when turning 18. Upon turning 21, members children must apply for single membership, thus becoming Full Members in their own right. Dues for member’s children may be set at a discounted rate by the Committee and whilst balloting is not needed, parents must agree to be guarantors for these accounts. 

Any request for a replacement card must be accompanied by a letter of request to the Honorary Secretary and the completion of the required documentation, paying applicable dues upon approval.
Guests may be introduced by Full Members, Honorary Members, Life Members and Junior Members, and shall be accompanied by the signing in member whilst on DYC premises at all times. One membership may sign in a maximum of three adult guests per day, for a nominal fee per guest.

Membership Types:

Full Member

Single, married and family classes for persons over the age of 21.

Temporary Member

For a specified short period, but not exceeding four months in any one calendar year.


For children of Full Members and any person of 18 to 20 years of age.


For children of Full Members and any person of 13 to 17 years of age.

Life Member

For Full Members departing Tanzania who have actively participated in Club activities as per suggested guidelines in Bye Law 43, subject to Committee approval.


Elected by the Committee in recognition of services of exceptional merit the Club (as suggested by Bye Law 43).


A reduced yearly subscription fee for Full Members living outside a radius of 80km from Dar es Salaam.

Visiting Yachts

Yachts that visit the club for a short period of time


Members of other clubs with whom the DYC has a reciprocal agreement