Island Hopping and Snorkeling

If you own a boat, large or small, you can sail or motor out to one of the numerous islands along the Dar es Salaam coastline. A picnic on one of these on the beach is a popular weekend activity of many club members with boats, and visiting tourists, with boats ferrying visitors from the Slipway to one of the islands. Starting in the north, some 17km away, is Fungu Yasini a sandbar exposed at low tide and a great spot for a beach party or picnic. Moving closer are Mbudya (10km) and Bongoyo (5km) Islands, both within marine reserves with good snorkeling, and on which freshly caught and cooked fish and other meals and drinks can be purchased. Around the Msasani peninsula and to the south of the Dar es Salaam port entry are Inner and Outer Sinda Islands, and Inner and Outer Makatumbi Islands, also designated as marine reserves that can be visited. There is a Marine Parks office located at the club where you can purchase your day pass to visit the islands. Click on these links for more information:


includes a comprehensive management plan writeup for the DMRS with maps.