Reciprocating Clubs

The Dar es Salaam Yacht Club (DYC) of Tanzania extends a warm welcome to any full member of another yacht or sailing club with which it has a reciprocity agreement.

Any full member of any reciprocating club is entitled to use the facilities of the DYC for a total period of up to thirty days in any one calendar year upon payment of a refundable deposit. These facilities provide access to the following:

  • Fuel purchase

  • Fresh water

  • Space to anchor your vessel

  • Ability to purchase National Marine Park tickets

  • Access to all restaurant and bar areas

  • Free use of bathroom facilities

  • Free use of the beach area

  • Free parking 

In addition, members of reciprocating clubs may take part in any and all DYC activities, subject to individual safety constraints.  These activities include:

  • Weekly sailing races (lasers, optimists, Hobie catamarans and yachts)

  • Weekly scuba diving excursions

  • Fishing excursions

  • Kayaking excursions

  • Entertainments events 

The DYC remains a non-cash Club. This means that purchases cannot be made with cash and no cash should be passed to DYC staff for services rendered.  In place of cash the DYC uses a card account system.  All reciprocating members will require a ‘cash card’ on arriving at the DYC to make use of the facilities.

Members from reciprocating clubs should follow the process below when visiting the DYC:

  • Inform Us
  • Bring Passport
  • Bring Membership Card
  • Bring Deposit
  • Follow Rules
Inform the DYC office of your intention to visit the Club. The office is open 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 16:00 on Saturday and Sunday. Early notification of your visit enables the office to prepare a ‘cash card’ for you so that it is waiting when you arrive, and check the validity of your membership with your home club.  The office can be contacted at [email protected]
Bring a copy of your passport with you. The office will require this to confirm your identity and to keep a record of your signature on file should any billing disputes arise. 
Bring your reciprocating club membership card. The DYC office will require proof that a person requesting reciprocating membership has a current and valid membership for a club with which the DYC has a reciprocal agreement. 
Bring money to deposit in account. DYC rules forbid any member to make a purchase if they do not have sufficient funds in credit on their account. This rule is extended to visitors. Reciprocating members are required to pay a refundable membership deposit, as well as deposit a sum of money into the DYC account against which to make purchases. These deposits may be made in cash at the bank situated one kilometre from the Club, or by bank transfer in advance of your visit.  If your visit is only for two days or less, a different arrangement may be possible depending on circumstances if you enquire with the DYC office in advance.

Finally, and to aid continued good relations between our clubs, reciprocating members should be aware of the following rules regarding their access to the club.

  1. Reciprocal members may not bring in any other person under their membership as a guest.

  2. Reciprocal members do not have voting rights.

  3. Access to the club is granted on the understanding that the reciprocal member will not carry out any commercial activities from the club premises.

  4. Reciprocating members may use the club facilities for up to 30 days in any calendar year.  After this time they must take out a temporary membership, or apply to become a full member.

We look forward to welcoming Reciprocating Members from the following Clubs to the DYC:

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Harbour City Yacht Club, Toronto Canada

Mombasa Yacht Club, Mombasa, Kenya

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Cause Way Bay, Hong Kong

National Yacht Club, Dublin, Ireland

Nairobi Sailing & Sub Aqua Club, Nairobi, Kenya

Naivasha Yacht Club, Nairobi, Kenya

Yacht Club De Monaco , Monaco

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, Singapore

Royal Cape Yacht Club, Cape Town, South Africa

Algoa Bay Yacht Club, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Gordon’s Bay Yacht Club, Gordon’s Bay, South Africa

Point Yacht Club, Durban, South Africa

Royal Natal Yacht Club, Durban, South Africa

Zululand Yacht Club, Meerense, South Africa

Songwa Sailing Club, Mwadui, Tanganyika, Tanzania

No map available.

Songwa Sailing Club

Mwanza Yacht Club, Mwanza, Tanzania

Ngwasi Sailing Club, Mufindi, Tanzania

No map or website available

Tanga Yacht Club, Tanga, Tanzania

Victoria Nyanza Sailing Club, Kampala, Uganda

Zambia Yachting Association, Mufulira, Zambia

No map or website available.

Royal Yachting Association, Ensign Way, Hamble, Southampton, UK

Royal Netherlands Yacht Club (KNZ&RV), Muiden, The Netherlands

Royal Irish Yacht Club, Dublin, Ireland