We warmly welcome anyone who would like to share in the joy of the underwater world of Dar es Salaam. Our members have a wide range of experience, from few dives to hundreds, from open water to advanced certifications and specialities. Many of us have cameras and video equipment…and many had no idea we were going to be so enthusiastic about digitization of the underwater world before we joined. 

The Dive Section is not a commercial operation but a club of DYC members with a common interest. The section is managed, and all dives are led, by volunteers. Dives are scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays, Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays and occasionally include a night dive. Dive sites are mostly within 16 kilometres of DYC and include reefs, walls and wrecks. The Section has its own Dive Centre with its own compressor and equipment for hire by its members. dives are all boat dives from Nasrin, the dedicated dive boat.

Dive Section members meet every Thursday evening from 18:30 on the Quarter Deck to plan and sign up for dives for the coming week, to get to know each other, and to talk shop.  All new Dive Section members are encouraged to come to the Thursday meeting to meet other divers, and to talk with Dive Leaders before taking a first dive with us.  Members who attend the Thursday meeting are given priority to sign up for the following week.

To join the Dive Section, applicants need to fill out three forms:

1) Liability Release
2) Medical History Declaration
3) Membership Application & Present Dive Qualifications.

The forms are sumbitted to the membership officer who will arrange for a one –time fee to be deducted from your DYC account. Once a member all other fees are associated with how often you dive. All divers pay a share of the fuel for their dive and for their cylinder airfill. The Section has BCD’s, regulators, cylinders and weights for hire at a nominal fee per item, and some other equipment that is free to use. All members are encouraged to buy their own equipment, suit, mask and fins at a minimum.

Guests are also welcome to dive with the section provided they are accompanied by a DYC Dive Section member. If you want to join but would like to try us out first then you are also welcome to join us as a guest. There is a guest fee which includes all equipment hire and medical, liability forms, and proof of last dive will also be needed.  For safety reasons all divers, whether current or new, need to show they have been diving within six months prior to joining a dive.

The Dive Section Sub-Committee is elected from volunteers at the Section AGM each year. Core positions are; Chair/Diving Secretary (representative to the main DYC Committee), Secretary, Diving Officer, Dive Scheduler, Membership Officer, Boat Officer, and Equipment Officer. However there are also a number of other volunteers who all contribute to making diving in Dar es Salaam both safe and enjoyable.