The Fishing Section is represented on the DYC Committee by the Honorary Fishing Secretary and has its own sub-committee of enthusiastic fishermen.  The fishing events are probably those within the power fleet that gather the most individuals at the same time, with many participants on board each boat.


Why should the members go fishing? Although the main activity of the Club is sailing, the Fishing Section is still an important part of Club activity.  The Indian Ocean along the Tanzanian coast has so many different species of fish and being blessed with generally excellent weather conditions, members have the opportunity of having a great day out as well as having something fresh on the dinner table in the evening.

For those most enthusiastic, there is the change of catching RECORD SIZE fish.  World Record fish have been caught out of the Club and more will be verified.

For the light tackle enthusiast, great sport can be had just outside the Msasani Bay where tuna, bonito, falusi and sailfish are often found.

About 45 nautical miles South East of Dar is Latham island.  This unique island is the home of countless birds and is the only colony of its type to be found along the East Africa coast.  Fishing around Latham is consistently good and well worth a visit.

Fishing is normally followed by a “weigh in” at the “Lured Inn” beside the Ramp at the Club, where you also can enjoy a fish barbeque on the Sunday evenings and where you, of course, can catch up on all the stories about “the BIG one that got away”.


Cost Sharing

For those members without boats who would like to participate and help share the costs of a day out fishing a forum will soon be up where boat owners can post information on fishing, if they have space for a member to join in on the fun and so forth.

Bigfoot Charters

For members who would like to charter a day out fishing, Bigfoot is a great option for all fishing events. Up to 6 members can charter Bigfoot for a half or whole day of big game fishing fun. For pricing please see club flyer or contact Fishing Secretary


Juniors and Small Fry

The Juniors and Small Fry have their own leagues at the DYC and go out and compete regularly on Bigfoot. This is fishing with bait, “strictly, catch and release events”. 

All fish will be counted and returned alive.

There are two outings per month but members may enter only one and there is a nominal entry fee. Standard rules apply. Bring swimsuit, rods/hooks, bait, food, drinks, hat, sun screen, raincoat, life jacket, etc. Under 13 must have accompanying parent. Please allow the child to do the fishing!

For more information contact the [email protected]