Tanzacat is the unique mix of competitive sailing and holiday fun in the warm tropical water of Tanzania.
Tanzacat combines two events into one. The Tanzacat Open is a race series around the bouys that is held over two weekends within Msasani Bay out of the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club. The Zanzibar Raid is a shortest elapsed time race from mainland Tanzania to Zanzibar and back over 4 days that visits tropical islands and sandbanks. Over the combined 8 days of sailing Tanzacat provides an amazing sailing experience that mixes the old with the new and fun with competition.

The objective of Tanzacat is to have serious fun, build friendships and share our little cat sailing treasure with the rest of the World.

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  • The event in 2018 continues the serious fun theme of previous years with 4 days of competitive bay races and 4 days away with idyllic open ocean sailing on the Zanzibar Raid. The 2018 Raid will include the favourite leg to Pungume sandbank and a two night stay in central Stone Town.
  • First day's Racing will be the 28th of September (afternoon practice race) and finishing on the 6th October 2017.


A limited number of charter boats will be available through the DYC.  Please let us know as soon as practicable of your interest so we can confirm availability.  Boats will be allocated on the time of completed entry and receipt of Payment to the club.

Hobie 16:
Charter fee new boats: US$1500
Charter fee refurbished boats: US$1000
Damage deposit: US$500 (refundable if no damage)

Some F18's may be available, please contact event orginsers.

A wide variety of accommodation is available in Dar es Salaam at a range of prices. A comprehensive list and available packages will be posted once available.

Tanzania lies so close to the equator (6 degree’s South) that seasonal variations in temperature are not extreme. The climate is tropical with relatively high humidity. The average temperature, which is moderated by the sea breeze, especially on the islands, ranges between 27 and 29 degree Celsius.The humidity is very high and can be oppressive, particularly at night but conditions here are not persistently uncomfortable thanks to the daily sea breezes.

There are two rain seasons throughout the country: the long season from mid March through May, the short rain seasons falls during November, December, and January. The coolest months are from June to October, and the warmest are December to March.

Water temperature in September should be around 24-26 degrees so no need for wet suites. Rash vests and possible leg cover are advisable for sun protection.

Wind information & Tide information may be found here

The Tanzacat Story

Tanzacat started after both Arjan van der Roest and I joined the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club’s (DYC) existing and vibrant cat racing fleet. In early 1998 I saw an article in a Dutch newspaper which told the story of Dutch sailors looking for adventure after the closing of the European sailing season. This coincided with the failure of a sailing trip to Sri Lanka due to custom and logistical problems. As I had just completed a Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threats analysis for the DYC, I suggested to Arjan that we should invite them to sail in Tanzania – an ideal opportunity for the club to attract international sailors to Msasani Bay – some of the best sailing conditions in the world.

The name was chosen by thinking of the Tanzanian blue gemstone - Tanzanite. As Msasani Bay is of the same blue colour, we linked this with CAT sailing hence: TANZACAT.

Arjan offered to visit the sailors in Holland during his holidays who seemed very eager and so we started the organisation and searched for sponsors. We arranged for all the customs import/export guarantees, found Salama condoms, an airline, Winston cigarettes and many other local sponsors. All the Dutch sailors were put up in the Sea Cliff Hotel who kindly offered reduced rates, a helicopter company donated some flying hours for filming, undertaken by Price Productions.

We did some races in the bay and planned a visit to Lazy Lagoon. To be socially responsible we also did a race for a good cause by linking boats to schools. The winning boat presented school books to that school, again provided by a kind sponsor. We tried to get the whole DYC club involved with a dinner etc etc.

It was all a big success also because the participants had few days to do a bush safari in between or after their sailing experience - the event was organised over a two week period. For the second year 1999 we also contacted and invited South African sailors. Again Salama Condoms provided the huge yellow inflatable markers. Winston cigarettes become the main sponsor and designed the 1999 and 2000 logos. We sailed the bay races and did an overnight stay at the Ras Kutani resort. In 2000 the races were organized on a similar format with the same success.

We as founders are very proud that TANZACAT, an event to promote sailing in Tanzania, has continued and has grown into an important event on the international sailing calendar. Only a few all the supporters and sponsors over the years are mentioned in this article. It is important though to acknowledge ALL sponsors, ALL volunteers, the TANZACAT Organizing Committees, the DYC Committees who have given so much support and last but not least ALL the DYC members who have over the years embraced this event.

Good Luck TANZACAT – may the winds blow favourably as you grow from strength to strength …

Henk Nouwens | Barcelona 2011 | co-initiator and organiser TANZACAT 1998 - 2000 | DYC Commodore 2000


Any queries can be addressed to the event organisers:

catrep@daryachtclub.co.tz or tanzacat@daryachtclub.co.tz



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