The Annual Stanbic DYC Zanzibar Adventure Paddle

Departing DYC @ 4.00am Saturday 10th June, 2017
After paddling for 4-7 hours through changing sea conditions, conversations of encouragement with fellow paddlers, short stops to rest and refuel, Zanzibar will likely be within your grasp.


In early 2015, a group of Dar es Salaam Yacht Club paddlers completed the first adventure paddle from DYC to Zanzibar. This event was such a success that it gained sponsorship from Stanbic Bank. June 2017 will become the third annual DYC Zanzibar paddle adventure, and is now open to international participation. Register and join the DYC Kayak Section on this third epic paddle from the Tanzanian mainland to the Southern tip of the magical island of Zanzibar.
Approximately 36km of sea lies between the mainland the island of Zanzibar. What looks like a simple trip on Google Earth turns into a very respectable challenge to those who might aspire to such things. The sea floor in this passage is variable, ranging from very deep to very shallow and the currents can be strong, but with the right preparation, one experiences a magical early morning departure in the dark, panoramic sunrise out of the ocean and a rewarding run with the ocean swells and breeze.


Key information for paddlers participating in the event:

  • Safety Procedures
  • Qualifying Paddles
  • Registration
  • Travel and Accom Packages
  • Contact Event Organisers

Much thought and preparation have been invested into the safety procedures and qualifying paddles. At 4.00am, all paddlers depart DYC together, under a setting moon and led by the top mast of the guiding yacht. As the sun rises in the East those paddlers with a higher average speed begin to power off in a faster group, remaining at all times within 200 metres of their safety boat. Other paddlers gradually form into two further groups, namely  a mid paced group and a slower group, again remaining at all times within 200 metres of their safety boat. Paddlers still in the water after the 8 hour cut off mark will be asked to board a boat to ensure their safe arrival.

All paddlers are required to carry essential safety equipment, including;

  1. Life jacket.

  2. Handheld waterproof VHF radio & flair (water dye markers) TZN SUMATRA requirement

  3. Paddle & boat leash

  4. Head torch and water dye marker/glow-stick for night paddle

  5. Bright hat & reflective wear for day paddle

  6. Whistle & 8m rope

  7. Each paddler will carry their own food and drink (suggest 4l) additional supplies can be placed on safety boat for your batch – must be labelled and in dry bag so safety crew can throw to you

It is highly recommended all paddlers carry;

  1. Sun protection

  2. Essential personal medicine

There will be additional safety measures in place for the event. These will include;

  1. Service from Tanzania Sea Rescue: TSR volunteers will act as spotters to assist with hourly checks and search & rescue should anyone go astray.

  2. Medical personnel on the safety boats and Doctor on standby.

  3. Safety Boats will have 2 engines on the boat, swim ladder, Marine VHF radio, rope to pull boats on board, First Aid kit, lookout & helmsman, one person familiar with CPR & basic first aid, a horn, flashlight and water.

  4. 13h00 is the cut off time – at this time all outstanding paddlers wil board safety boats and proceed to finish/prize giving.

  5. Should bad weather arise the event organiser’s may be call for all kayaks to be mounted onto safety boats.

In a paddle such as the Annual Stanbic DYC Zanzibar Adventure Paddle, paddle fitness is of great importance. The nature of the open ocean conditions make 36km seem further than it may be in more sheltered waters. To assist with training DYC members have designed a series of training events to build fitness. Included in these paddles are two compulsory qualifying events to ensure all paddlers are prepared for the rigor of the open ocean conditions. See the regional 2017 Stanbic Adventure Paddler qualifier dates here

The qualifying events are designed to:

  1. Build confidence and competence in the paddler.

  2. Ensure that participates are fit, stable and competent to paddle – in a variety of weather conditions, and thus ready to take on the ocean paddle challenge.

  3. Provide opportunities for night and deep sea paddles. Completing one of each are non-negotiable qualifiers, thus we have provided two opportunities to complete this criteria.

Qualifiers for International paddlers and SUP's are:

  1. RSA - CSA registered with an A or B rating.

  2. Professional paddler - Registered with country canoe/kayak federation or association and has an international race record.

  3. Mozambique - registered and rated by Club Maritimo’s Paddle Section.

  4. Australia - Derek Howe.

  5. SUPs - Complete local qualifiers with kayaks.

All paddlers must register to take part in the 2017 Stanbic DYC Zanzibar Adventure Paddle. The registration form requires all participants to agree to the terms and conditions set by the event organisers. Participants are also required to complete an indemnity form.

DYC members can register online here
Non-DYC members can register online here 

Registration queries can be addressed to the Event Registrar 

Event Day Timetable

Friday 9 Jun

16h00 - Check all boats in working order for morning paddle

17h00 - Load safety boats with paddlers gear for early start, brief on conditions and status – confirm details for am start

Saturday 10 Jun

03h15 - Meet at the club, prepare kayaks & boats.

03h30 - Last briefing & inventory check list

04h00 - Paddlers set out

Sunrise - Paddlers to stay in one group until daylight then within 50m of each other

Paddlers break together as and when necessary. Paddlers falling off or slowing down are sent to the slower group – 1 safety boat to follow paddler

10h00 - First paddlers reach Zanzibar

11h00 - Everyone on the island and ready for light lunch. Take stock of what paddlers are not yet in

12h00 - If anyone is on the water (8hours) – call them in onto powerboats and head to finish for lunch

12h30 - Pack the kayaks on the boats and head to resorts for prize giving

13h00 - Prize – giving & thank-you’s

14h00 - Safety Boats and paddlers wanting to return to Dar-es-Salaam head back to the DYC

The Slipway Hotel is offering a package deal to international paddlers participating in the 2017 Stanbic DYC Zanzibar Adventure Paddle. The package includes:

  1. Accommodation in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

  2. Selected airport transfers.

  3. Coastal Air flight from Zanzibar to Dar-es-Salaam.

View the package deal here and contact Karibu World at to take advantage of this offer.

Contact the event organisers with any further queries:

  1. Event Organisers : Karen Cockerill & Dave Legge

  2. Registrations : Glenn Davies

  3. Secretary: Sarah

  4. Primary Safety Boat: Erik Kok & Maxan II